A bike trip from California to Florida, stopping at youth shelters along the way to inspire kids to take charge of their future.


Our Beginning

The Discover Your Path Tour was created by Founder, Noah J. Ehlert as a way to inspire at risk youths to create and add a positive charge to their current path.

A bike ride across the USA has been a dream of Noah’s since he was a teen. As he got older and felt he was on solid ground enjoying the path he created for himself. He realized it was time he was capable of giving back. Noah wanted to give back to kids he could connect with. Kids he felt were going through a lot of the things he went through. Unstable and unsafe surroundings. Addictive parents or guardians. Kids who lacked confidence and feel stuck in their situation. See no way out and no control over the things going on around them.


“I want to share my story of how my bike saved my life.”

— Noah Ehlert, FOUNDER


Our Purpose


The purpose of the Discover Your Path Tour is to inspire and help at risk youth across the country who had a similar upbringing to Noah’s. Through shelter visits, Noah hopes to share the story of how his bike saved his life and inspire communities to donate to shelters.

The Bike Ride will take place from February 1st-April 1st 2020


Family Resources’ Mission

Family Resources’ mission is to inspire well-being and success in the lives of vulnerable children, youth and families through responsive quality programs and safe places. They believe that every child should be safe, that every troubled teen deserves help and that every family torn apart in crisis be given the opportunity to mend.


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